The Top 50 Football Hirts In History ~ The Football Attic

After several versions, they landed in black and blue stripes with white trim in 1928. The gold star at the top of the club in Porto Alegre is in honor of the legendary lateral Everaldo, who won the World Cup with Brazil in 1970. Botafogo wore simple stripes for most of the sixties and seventies and had some fantastic players using them, nothing more than the incomparable Garrincha. The shot of the beautiful solitary star badge (a wink at the beginning of Botafogo as a rowing club) increases this shirt. Brazil originally played blank, but fans demanded a change after Selecao lost the 1950 World Cup final to neighboring Uruguay in their home country. After a public game, they turned to yellow and green and started sweeping everything in front of them.

A fourth Italian kit in the top 10 and an immediately recognizable kit to surpass our ranking. Sampdoria may not have the Juventus or Milan trophy, but they have a great shirt to make up for that. Shortly after Santos was founded in 1912, the owners decided to change the colors of the club from white, blue-blue and golden lemon to simpler white with black trim.

Some inspired performances by Paul Gascoigne and Gary Lineker, among others, made the World Cup and were one of England’s most iconic fans in all of the country’s history. Perhaps River Plate was one of the most famous clubs in South America. Most football fans in the world can tell you the colors of the club, and this strip certainly doesn’t disappoint and sums up a lot of what the club really is South American. In modern football, the referees have different colors depending on the colors of the match worn football shirts teams and how the visibility of the field is, but it cannot be denied, the black uniform is the most famous of the officers. Inspired by the iconic ’92 design, one of the most recognizable in club history, the Manchester United jersey finds the perfect balance between retro and progressive, perfectly in line with the spirit of adidas. Rework the iconic snowflake design by taking “Cloud White” and “Glory Blue” and joining them together as part of an optical art pattern designed on the fabric.

That shirt, where Sony replaced Danone as a t-shirt sponsor, and the Scudetto badge under two more small gold stars instead of the Juventus logo, was pure perfection. This kit somehow manages to be incredibly retro, but also very modern at the same time. From the thick neck to the old-school Nike logo, this shirt meets all the requirements of every box for its millennial kit lover. There is a subtle pattern in the fabric with elements from various repetitions of the Rome insignia, including the iconic Lupetto (“little wolf”) and the club’s initials.

A design element that we have seen with Macron shirts in the past, but in the current season it is the only one of its kind in English professional football. Because they are not only unique, the burgundy elements used in the side panels and a deep blue neck / neckline give the shirt a certain degree of balance in this “symmetrical A” design! An excellent start to this collaboration and shows that great design continues in the lower competitions. These are the top 100 football shirts of 2020, all ranked in a huge countdown. With players like Alfredo Di Stefano and Ferenc Puskas by his side, Madrid won the European Cup five times in a row between 1956 and 1960.