How To Keep Your Toilet Clean All Week

Wipe the outside of the toilet with a multi-purpose cleaner with a spray bottle. Use a cloth or paper towel to remove the porcelain from the toilet, with special attention to the handle. Alternatively, you can easily dip a cloth or paper towel in a clean solution or warm water, re-dip the cloth or towel if it is dirty. First start cleaning the highest point of the toilet, this way, if the dirty water or cleaning liquid leaks, it will only hit areas that you have not yet cleaned. You can clean the different parts of the toilet in the desired order, but if you are in a hurry you may find it smarter to start with the bowl.

Just rub the pumice stone around the inside of the toilet bowl where the ring is and that’s all! The Pumie is a pumice stone specially designed to clean the rings and stains on your toilet. You can use any pumice stone, but I like that it has a handle and is specially designed for cleaning the toilet. Combine vinegar and essential oil in a small spray bottle.

After spraying, let the cleaner sit for at least five minutes. “Many people spray and clean up right away, but you have to give the cleaners time to do their thing,” says Maker. Finally it is time to give your porcelain in the bathroom an impeccable shine.

This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to clean a toilet. “I’m not usually a fan of disposable products, but cleaning the toilet is a task where Washroom maintenance service durable paper towels are ideal,” says Maker. And while you may be tempted to use a damp cloth, no water is needed when it comes to a disinfectant spray.

Pour the entire mixture into the toilet bowl and let it sit for several hours or at night. Make sure that family members do not use the bathroom during this time. Here are 3 homemade toilet cleaner recipes to help you remove the chemicals and clean your toilet and toilet tank naturally. I think the trick is to put vinegar in the tank and just let it rest for 15 or 20 minutes.

How to prevent those dirty, hard water stains from piling up in your toilet so quickly and keeping your toilet longer. Wash separately in hot water and detergent after each use. Do not add fabric softener, it will ruin the microfibre. Cleaning a toilet is one of the ways you can make your home healthier. You should clean your toilet at least once a week with a disinfectant solution to remove bacteria and viruses. Knowing how to properly clean a toilet with the right cleaning supplies can make work easier and more effective.